Invites you to train and achieve a positive brain

Welcome, we are pleased to inform you that as an DISCOVERY LOGISTICS employee, for a whole year you will have access to Psiconnea. The Smart Platform that allows you to develop your superpowers to calm anxiety and relieve stress.

It is not magic. It is science, it is psychology and it is technology.

We explain it in detail:


Improving workers’ mental well-being

The real capital of a company is its people, and as such, they must be cared for to the maximum. For this reason, as a company we are involved in promoting your physical, mental and social well-being, because you are special to us.


To make you enjoy your work, managing pressure, stress and anxiety.

We are well aware that working can be mentally exhausting, depending on the circumstances. That’s why we are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to take care of you.


At Psiconnea we are specialists in personal change and wellbeing development

A positive brain will help you to have a happy soul.

A happy soul gives you great super powers.


With the login details you receive by email, you can start psychonnelling.

Areas of well-being on the Psiconnea smart platform.

The skills and behaviours we are going to train, to help you manage your day-to-day professional life, are organised in these 4 main areas:


You will enjoy psychological tools personalised for you, so that you can learn to manage your thoughts and emotions in a profitable way, and thus face with positivity and success the difficulties you have to face in your day to day life: Anxiety, Stress, etc.


You will be provided with techniques focused on the family environment, so that you can help your children in their psychological and emotional development, and you will have resources and help with problems such as getting back to work after becoming parents, bullying, addictions, etc.


In our community you will find like-minded people to whom you can freely and anonymously share any doubts or concerns you may have. You will be able to receive and give support to other people who are in the same situation. All of this is directed and coordinated by professional psychologists.


In Psiconnea you can both create and join sports activities outdoors or online. Allowing you to break the sedentary lifestyle and expand your social network in a healthy and anonymous way.

Psiconnea is much more than an app, it is a smart platform where you can find.

High-impact professional videos, created with love, rigour and from experience. Videos that offer empirical, advanced and personalised techniques to learn about emotional management, stress management, etc.

Infinite written material in the form of a Dossier, in which you will find exercises, emotional management tools, specialised techniques, etc.

Multiple tests with automated correction so that you can know, at all times, your psychological health status in relation to important issues such as stress, anxiety or mood. Psychological wellbeing always with you, always available when you need them.

Psychologists and professionals just a video call away, so that you always have the professional help you need at your fingertips, at any time.

Psychologists and professionals just a video call away, so that you always have the professional help you need at your fingertips, at any time.

Workshops and trainings conducted live and recorded, to facilitate your knowledge if you have not been able to be present. In these workshops you will be able to ask questions live to the psychologists, getting answers and solutions on the spot.

You will get the instruction manual for yourself.

The contents present in Psiconnea will help you in many ways so that day after day, you get closer to your happiness goals.

You will find personalised instructions to train and achieve a positive brain that will help you to manage all kinds of situations.

All these instructions, you will always have them in your pocket, in your mobile, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.


Whenever you need it, there will always be someone by your side.

We provide you with this telephone number, so that you know who to call in case you need psychological assistance. You will be answered by a psychologist who will be able to explain your situation to you and who will help you in confidence and privacy.



We value the importance of psychological well-being in the workplace.

Issues such as anxiety and stress have a negative influence on your professional and personal life. By learning and training with a first class service like the Psiconnea platform, we are confident that you will acquire a greater ability to be efficient and responsible in your duties and responsibilities, feeling good and healthy at every moment.