neurosis obsesiva que es

What is obsessional neurosis?

Obsessive neurosis is a concept coined by Sigmund Freud, to define a disorder associated with psychological tensions, characterized by the presence of obsessive thoughts that trigger compulsive behaviors or that can lead people to actions that are not very beneficial for themselves or for their environment. .  It should be noted that the DSM-IV Manual does not address

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quererte a ti mismo

Keys to loving yourself

Loving yourself is not something that flows naturally, but involves constant daily work to discover, strengthen, and connect with our self-love.  Loving yourself is the best investment you can make, taking into account that love for yourself helps you to know yourself and print that love in everything you do in order to have a better quality

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mecanismos defensa

Defence mechanisms

The exploration of the term defense mechanisms goes back to the beginnings of psychoanalysis and refers to a group of psychic responses related to the way of processing the experiences or sensations that arise in the relationship with the world and with oneself. It is necessary to emphasize that although the defense mechanisms are born in

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inteligencia emocional

What is emotional intelligence and how important is it?

Emotional intelligence is the set of skills that allows us to recognize our own emotions and those of others, as well as the ability to manage these emotions and feelings effectively. Having emotional intelligence is as important as any other type of intelligence that human beings may have, taking into account that the relationship with our emotions

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