Brave, persevering, optimistic, resilient, kind…

Our team has all the talent needed to make quality mental health accessible to everyone.

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Our objetive
Create positive brains.
We firmly believe that all people deserve access to quality mental health to prevent situations such as stress and anxiety and take care of their psycho-emotional well-being. We rely on technology to bring the Psiconnea Methodology to every home and create a safe and welcoming environment where people can share and grow in a healthy way .

Our mission

Empower and accompany people to create a full life, transforming their way of seeing the world.

Our vision

Combine innovation and psychology to eliminate barriers to access to personalized, modern and quality psychology

We tell you how
all this comes about…

Do you know which is the happiest country in the world?


And do you know what the grammatical root they use to express happiness is?


«Psico» means…


Psico+Onnea = Happy Souls

Do you want to know who is behind Psiconnea?
Discover the people who make Psiconnea possible

Immerse yourself in the heart of Psiconnea and meet the brilliant and passionate minds that make possible our vision of democratizing access to quality psychology and becoming the positive change that society needs.

Rosa Becerril

CEO, founder and psychotechnologist
Psycho-Power Positivity
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Carlos Escobedo

Director of Innovation and Development
Psycho-Power Closeness
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Carolina García

Marketing and Communication Manager
Psycho-Power Empathy
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Rafael Salom

Psychotechnology and Research Coordinator
Psycho-Power Trust
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Sirinay Leyva

Responsible for Administration and Customer Service
Psycho-Power Assertiveness
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Family time

Pablo Macho

QA Tester and UX Designer
Psycho-Power Proactivity
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David Ospina

Developer and Systems Manager
Psycho-Power Transparency
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Pedro Raoui

Developer and Marketing Associate
Psycho-Power Honesty
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Psychology Team

We have an exceptional team of professional and highly trained psychologists, experts in emergency psychology and committed to their mission of providing comprehensive and personalized support to those seeking to improve their emotional and mental well-being. Together, we work with a humane and psychotechnology- based approach They are ready to accompany you on your path to resilience, positivity and personal growth.
A picture is worth a thousand words… We want you to give us a face!

Clara López

Health Psychologist and Sexologist

Creative, accessible and reliable

Pedro Morales

Health Psychologist

Direct, positive and resilient

Salud Grisalvo

Health Psychologist and Emergency Expert

Cheerful, creative and patient

Mª Jesús Baile

Health Psychologist and Sexologist

Committed, calm and honest

Laura Villamor

Health Psychologist and Sexologist

Jovial, motivated and empathetic

Paloma Pallarés

Health Psychologist

Calm, safe and loving

Nuria Santana

Health psychologist and emergency expert

Jovial, open and generous

Patricia Jordá

Health Psychologist and Sexologist

Creative, curious and restless

Francisco Martínez

Health psychologist and emergency expert

Trustworthy, understanding and empathetic

Alma Calvelo

Health and forensic psychologist

Persevering, accessible and loyal

Remedios Gómez

Social Psychologist

Creative, positive and versatile

Marga Barranco

Health psychologist and emergency expert

Confident, persevering and honest

And more than 400 Emergency and Catastrophe psychologists

Psiconnea has a Team of Experts in Emergency Psychology to attend to a wide variety of extreme situations, offering you security and peace of mind at all times.
Together we have achieved many of our goals and we are very excited to continue helping more people

Psiconnea is born , with the aim of revolutionizing the psychology and innovation sector.

Number of users: We are proud to help more than 20,000 users every day

Funded by ENISA and EIT Europe

ENS Alto Certification to ensure maximum data protection.

Scientific validation of the results obtained with the Psiconnea Methodology.

Do you want to join the Psiconnea Team?
If you are a health or clinical psychologist and want to be part of the team, enter our section to recruit talent and it will be a pleasure to assist you and have you in our great team.