More than 20,000 people have reduced their stress, anxiety and depression with us.
Psiconnea is the health and psychological wellness application that will help you have a positive brain.

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At Psiconnea we use the latest technology to create your own personalised instruction manual.
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We identify your stress, anxiety and mood levels and provide you with personalised psychological tools and techniques, according to your needs and the time of life you are in.
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Your time has come to live and stop surviving!
With our application we create your own personalised manual, replacing all the psychological tools that you have learned throughout your life and that do not make you happy, with personalised and powerful psychological tools that will help you face your day to day life with assertiveness, positivity and resilience.

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Fall in love with who you are, fall in love with your psychologist!
We are not a Marketplace for Psychologists.
You can't buy a psychologist like you buy shoes.

For psychology to work, you have to work on the therapeutic alliance from the very beginning. Meet the 200 psychologists in the team and choose who will be your travelling companion.
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It is not magic. It is science, it is psychology and it is technology.

«Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.».

The World Health Organization (WHO)

Reduce your anxiety, stress and depression levels by training your brain.

Thanks to our application you will increase your levels of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, the happiness hormone. Creating your own personalized instruction manual.

Training in 4 areas of health and wellness

We train your brain by working simultaneously in the 4 key areas to obtain a positive brain.

  • Psychoemotional
  • Family
  • Sports
  • Social

And in case you need to see a professional, we will recommend you to go to therapy with one of our psychologists. 

Thanks to the high quality and professionalism of our team of psychologists and having previously worked with the application of psiconnea, the time and investment in your treatment will be reduced by half.

You will be in control of your emotions and moods as you discover the keys to manage them on your own!

Do you want to have a more positive brain and always be accompanied by qualified professionals?

In Psiconnea we are Psychotechnologists and we have created an intelligent application that offers you personalized instructions so you can train your brain and get the positive thinking you deserve.

We put at your disposal a wide variety of trainings and tools so you can learn how to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

And best of all, you can access these instructions anytime, anywhere!

Those who have problems do not go to therapy.

We all have problems

Those who want to solve them go to therapy

Making the decision to go to a psychologist is sometimes difficult, either by fear, ignorance or because of an economic issue, sometimes it is difficult to take the first step. Therefore, in Psiconnea we help and train you with personalized tools necessary to work on your mental and emotional well-being in the comfort of your home. 

And if you need it, only if you need it, we recommend you to start therapy with one of our psychologists.

You are not alone, we are here to help you empower yourself, to help you acquire powerful tools to help you face your day to day life with resilience, calmness and positivity. Shall we talk?

Psiconnea is more than a psychology App, it is an intelligent platform where you will find.

High-impact professional videos

We have created videos with a lot of love and effort, based on our experience. Offering you proven and advanced techniques to learn how to manage your emotions and reduce stress.

Infinite written material in the form of a Dossier

Practical exercises, emotional management tools and techniques to improve your well-being and emotions. They will help you face life’s difficult situations with greater strength and emotional balance.

Multiple evaluation tests

We evaluate your emotional state so that you know the state of your psychological health in the face of stress, anxiety, or mood.

Anonymous and confidential support community

You will be able to talk about your fears and insecurities, raise doubts, etc. with other members of Psiconnea anonymously.  We all support each other, help each other and listen to each other to achieve a positive brain.

Psychologists and professionals at a click of a video call

So that you always have the professional help you need at your fingertips, at any time.

Workshops and trainings live and recorded

We want to make it easier for you if you have not been able to be present. In these workshops you will be able to ask live questions to the psychologists, getting answers and solutions on the spot.

Not in Psiconnea yet? We help you feel happier!

Psiconnea makes people feel good

Usually, people come to therapy when their levels of stress, anxiety or depression are very high. This happens because sometimes we are not able to identify our emotional situation, and therefore, until our body does not give us a signal, we think we are fine, or we are not aware of the help we need.

Psiconnea helps you to identify your emotional state and your well-being, offering you tools for your daily life that will help you to reduce your levels of stress, anxiety and depression, without the need to go to a psychologist.

With the help of Big Data and AI our application analyzes your stress and anxiety levels, providing you with tools to improve and in case you need to go to a psychologist it will indicate it, proposing you those that best suit your situation, psychologists that you will have already met on our platform with whom it will be easier for you to talk to.

Thanks to our platform the therapies will be:

  • Shorter
  • More efficient
  • And the discomfort will have a much more limited time.

What do our users say?

Juan Pérez
Juan Pérez
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Since discovering this app, it has been an invaluable tool for me in my quest for mental health and emotional well-being.
Luisa Pastor
Luisa Pastor
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What I liked most about this App is that it has videos that help me in my day to day life to feel better.
Alfonso Sánchez
Alfonso Sánchez
Read More
What I like most about Psiconnea is how easy it is to find resources to be well.


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Access all our tools and we will accompany you in your training to reduce your stress, anxiety and depression levels. Thanks to our artificial intelligence technology and our more than 200 psychology professionals.

Media appearances

What do the media say about us?

Here are the most important media appearances.


10.10.2022 | 13:47 horas PorPRENSA RTVE

RTVE, with mental health

RTVE, the Fundación Blanca and Renfe prepare a documentary on mental health in sport

Coinciding with the celebration of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, RTVE, the Fundación Blanca de Apoyo al Deportista and Renfe have announced the production of a documentary that will soon be shown on the Teledeporte channel on the importance of mental health care for sportsmen and women.



Iryo’s first generation of train drivers finishes training

Iryo, the private Spanish High Speed operator, has announced that its first generation of 30 train drivers is completing the training started last January. The course has combined technical knowledge about the railway network and Iryo’s own trains with training on human factors, key to increasing safety.


For the first time, the major companies of the railway sector will join forces to talk about safety and mental health

The major companies in the Spanish railway sector, Renfe, ILSA/Iryo and the State Railway Safety Agency (ASF) will join together for the first time to talk about safety and mental health in the online meeting organised by Psiconnea, a specialist in psychological care in emergencies.
The event will be held online on 18 March at 13:00 under the title “Safety management and psychological care in emergencies: a…


Por Éxito Educativo 19 enero, 2023

Rosa Becerril (Psiconnea): “It is now possible to identify mental health problems in a classroom”.

Rosa Becerril Muñoz is a psychologist, coach and CEO of Psiconnea, an application that uses advanced analytical techniques and artificial intelligence to improve the emotional and psychological state of talent, reducing their levels of anxiety and stress. A description that fits like a glove in one of the groups most subject to all this, students.

31/01/2023 17:28 Redacción

Psiconnea is an application in which psychology and technology have been combined. That is to say, psychologists, developers and engineers have been involved in its creation, what we could call psychotechnologists. This application is capable of reducing stress, anxiety and sadness, and if the application detects that you need a little extra push, it warns you and recommends a psychologist.

Rosa Becerril, CEO and one of its creators, explained that Psiconnea acts as a kind of social network, in which the aim is to train people and provide them with tools.


AGENCIAS – 10/10/2022 14:50

RTVE, Fundación Blanca and Renfe prepare a documentary on mental health in sport

Coinciding with the celebration of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, RTVE, the Fundación Blanca de Apoyo al Deportista and Renfe announced the production of a documentary that will soon be shown on the Teledeporte channel on the importance of mental health care for sportsmen and women.

The aim of the documentary is to learn from renowned sportsmen and women about personal episodes related to their mental state during their sporting careers.

Some of our clients

Many companies have entrusted the health and well-being of their employees to us.

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