To be an example for your children, start with yourself.

Discover Psiconnea, the Intelligent Platform that helps you improve your mental and emotional well-being to become an exceptional parent.

It’s not magic. It’s science, psychology, and technology.


No one has taught us how to be happy, and neither have parents.

By progressively learning and training with the multiple tools available on the Psiconnea platform, you will enjoy being a parent without exhausting yourself.

You are not alone

It is very common for all kinds of problems to arise at home, and for parents not to know what to do.

There are no perfect families

Even the most successful parents have to devote a lot of time and effort to develop positive relationships with their children.

It’s not anyone’s fault

Having a child is relatively easy, it’s a pleasure, a great happiness. But being a parent is not easy. No one prepares you for it.

There are no good or bad parents, nor guilty ones, but responsible parents who make mistakes and question themselves.


To ensure that in each stage of your child’s development, you know how to face every moment in the most appropriate way.

It’s not easy, and there is no magic recipe, but we can help you manage the most frequent problems with strategies that have been proven to prevent and overcome them.
  • Lack of intimacy as a couple
  • Fear of failing or doing it wrong
  • Lack of agreement on parenting style
  • Boundaries and permissiveness
  • Lack of communication
  • School performance
  • Restrictions on schedules and social life
  • Clothing, hairstyles, and makeup
    Social media, technology, and video games.


  1. Babies 0-1 year
  2. Children 1-3 years
  3. Children 4-6 years
  4. Children 7-10 years
  5. Preteens 11-13 years
  6. Teenagers 14-17 years


To make you feel more satisfied in your day-to-day life with your relationship with your children.

When you learn to optimize the effort you put into being a good parent, you establish a special connection with your children and create a pleasant atmosphere at home, respecting yourself.

We will work on the following emotions that affect you:

  • Frustration of not having enough time for yourself and your hobbies
  • Stress, anxiety, and feeling of exhaustion
  • Bad mood or irritability
  • Feeling of guilt

When you manage to transform your reality,
you feel like sharing it.

You have the opportunity to change things.

Well-being areas on the intelligent platform Psiconnea.

The skills and behaviors we are going to train, to help you manage your professional day-to-day, are organized in these 4 main areas:


You will enjoy personalized psychological tools, so that you can learn to manage your thoughts and emotions in a beneficial way, and thus face with positivity and success the difficulties that you have to deal with in your daily life: Anxiety, Stress, etc.


You will have access to techniques focused on the family environment, so you can help your children in their psychological and emotional development, and you will have resources and support for issues such as returning to work after being parents, bullying, addictions, and more.


In our community you will find like-minded people to whom you can freely and anonymously share any doubts or concerns you may have. You will be able to receive and give support to other people who are in the same situation. All this directed and coordinated by professional psychologists.


In Psiconnea you can both create and join sports activities outdoors or online. Allowing you to break the sedentary lifestyle and expand your social network in a healthy and anonymous way.


They provoke an illusory happiness

Social networks are designed to act like a drug, and “inoculate” us with a false sense of well-being. They quickly trap you in a spiral of releasing hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin and dopamine, known as the “happiness quartet”.

But when the effect wears off, and that’s when you realize it, they’ve already taken your time and energy, and there’s no going back.

At times, you may have had the feeling of not knowing how to guide your children in the digital world.

To help you communicate better with him or her, and get him or her to learn to use social networks correctly, we propose you to Psiconnear a few minutes a day, and enjoy our trainings created on purpose and taught by psychology professionals.

I'll tell you where all this comes from...

Do you know which is the happiest country in the world?


And do you know what the grammatical root they use to express happiness is like?


Moreover, “psycho” means soul,
therefore Psiconnea “is the verb we have invented in order to provoke your soul to be happy”.


Psiconnea is much more than an app, it is an intelligent platform where you can find.

High impact professional videos, created with love, rigor and from experience. Videos that offer empirical, advanced and personalized techniques to learn about emotional management, stress management, etc.

Infinite written material in the form of a Dossier, in which you will find exercises, emotional management tools, specialized techniques, etc.

Multiple tests with automated correction so that you can know, at all times, your psychological health status in the face of important issues such as stress, anxiety, or mood. Psychological well-being always with you, always available when you need them.

A community, an anonymous and confidential space where you will be able to talk about your fears and insecurities, ask questions, etc. You will no longer feel lonely. Psiconnea is a community of people who have concerns, and between all support, help and listen to each other to achieve a positive brain.

Psychologists and professionals just a video call away, so that you always have the professional help you need at your fingertips, at any time.

Workshops and trainings conducted live and recorded, to facilitate your knowledge if you have not been able to be present. In these workshops you will be able to ask live questions to the psychologists, getting answers and solutions on the spot.


You can try Psiconnear for free and start Psiconnear right now.

You will have direct access to the work areas and will be able to start developing your superpowers as a calm and happy parent.

Our professionals
will be accompanying you
by videoconference.