Psiconnea, the pioneering mental health safeguarding app created by psychotechnologists

Interview with Rosa Becerril, CEO and founder of the startup Psiconnea


Psiconnea  is an application in which psychology and technology have come together. That is to say, psychologists, developers and engineers have participated in its creation, what we could call psychotechnologists. This application is capable of reducing stress, anxiety and sadness, and if the application detects that you need one more push, it notifies you and recommends a psychologist.

Rosa Becerril , CEO and one of its creators, has explained to us that  Psiconnea  acts as a kind of social network, in which it is about training people and providing them with tools. His main concern, when working with both companies and individuals, is to safeguard the identity of people, even encrypting the data.

When entering the application, they are assigned a plant name, to maintain anonymity, with which they can communicate with each other and thus also support each other.

It works in four aspects:

  • psychoemotional
  • Familiar
  • Social, from anonymity they can support each other by telling their experiences, which sometimes causes you not to see yours as a unique case.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and promote sports. Among all the users of the application can meet to do activities.

In less than a year, Psiconnea has already helped more than 20,000 people.

It is such an innovative product, making it clear that it is not a Market Place for Psychologists, that the Community of Madrid sends them as representatives to a technological event in Miami.

In addition, it also has another application for emergencies and catastrophes with a staff of 300 specialized psychologists.

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