The COP Madrid has held the Conference on Psychology and New Technologies.



COP Madrid

The COP Madrid has held the Conference Psychology and New Technologies in Organizations: People, Results and Wellbeing, with the aim of updating on the latest trends in the evolution of the digital ecosystem.

Numerous experts related to Psychology, work, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and research took part in this conference, to provide perspectives and contextualize the impact of the increasingly frequent application of the latest technologies in various fields and areas of Psychology.

Isabel Aranda, member of the Board of Governors, was in charge of inaugurating the conference, which began with a presentation by Juan Jesús Fernando Valera, coordinator of the Psychology and Technology Working Group, who spoke about the relationship and possible conflicts between Artificial Intelligence and Psychology. Next, Gema Fernández-Blanco, teaching psychologist and researcher with experience in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Hypnosis and ICTs applied to Mental Health, addressed the role of psychologists in this technology that mimics human intelligence.

Francisco Javier Remón, Talent Development Manager at Ferrovial, gave a presentation on the case of Ferrovial in the application of AI assistance. Ascensión Rubio, psychologist and independent HR consultant for companies, also provided information on the case of The Mindkind in the use of this technology.

Finally, Rosa Becerril, an organizational psychologist and member of the Psychology and Technology Group spoke about the use of AI in addressing people’s emotional well-being.