Generation Z is rocking and turning love and work upside down!

Written by Rafael Salom Borrás

The youth is challenging all established norms and leading changes that will leave you amazed. Authenticity, mental health, and new ways of seeking relationships and work are transforming society. I promise you won’t be bored!

Selfies are the language of the Gen-Z

Ready for love in the digital era?

Generation Z is revolutionizing the dating game as if it were a new level of Candy Crush. According to Tinder, this generation is true pros at relationships. Now, what they value the most is staying true to their personality, even in uncomfortable situations. Forget about games and masks because authenticity is what’s cool. Moreover, they have elevated mental health to the highest level in their relationships, resulting in more genuine and sincere connections. Way to go, Generation Z! But it doesn’t stop there, oh no! Generation Z also seeks authenticity in the workplace. Most of them consider taking care of their mental well-being as the most important aspect when meeting new people, and they won’t settle for less in their new job. So, companies of the world, pay attention! If you want to attract talented young individuals, you must understand their need for an environment that fosters mental health and personal development: Cultivate responsible leaders and establish an HR department that meets their expectations, because Generation Z demands it! Generation Z is also changing how they relate to work, placing importance on gender rules and emotional intelligence when forming friendships in the workplace. Authenticity is becoming a key term, creating a more inclusive and fair work environment. Not bad, right?

Now let’s talk about how these youngsters search for employment and partners.

Technology is like their most trusted friend. The use of apps like Tinder is on the rise, and nothing can stop it! Additionally, they are opting for “speed dates” or “blind dates,” where they seek authentic connections based on the quality of conversation. Ladies and gentlemen, no more superficialities! And the coolest part is that they are super open to new relationship models, such as open relationships, interracial relationships, and sexual diversity… showcasing their inclusive and progressive attitude. You can already imagine the potential of this generation, right? Now, companies and talent acquisition departments, listen up!

In this crazy and ever-changing world, it is essential to stay informed and understand the new generations, especially Generation Z. The youth have unique ways of thinking and values, and it is crucial for organizations to adapt in order to attract and retain their talent! Educate yourselves to understand their preferences, motivations, and expectations in the workplace. Modernize and follow the latest trends. Provide them with growth opportunities and promote an inclusive and fair culture!

Don’t know how to do it? Psiconnea can help.

So, companies, step up your game and adapt your strategies if you want to attract and retain talented young individuals!