Keys to loving yourself

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Loving yourself is not something that flows naturally, but involves constant daily work to discover, strengthen, and connect with our self-love. 

Loving yourself is the best investment you can make, taking into account that love for yourself helps you to know yourself and print that love in everything you do in order to have a better quality of life. 

Thinking about the importance of self-love and self-esteem for mental health, today we want to delve into how to love yourself. 

learn to love yourself

Loving yourself is the ability to recognize who we are and appreciate everything that constitutes us as human beings.

When we love ourselves, we can see ourselves with compassion, and this learning not only empowers us as human beings, but also helps us appreciate and see other people differently.

If you don’t know where to start on the path to love yourself, here are some tips.

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Discover your value and your self-esteem

Self-esteem is essential for mental health, taking into account that the way we perceive ourselves directly influences our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions. 

Acknowledging our value is simply discovering that we are important beings, deserving of all the good things that can occur to us, and this recognition is the first step for a good self-esteem, from the sense that if you recognize yourself as valuable, you will do everything in your power. your reach to give you the best. 

Eliminate self-sabotage and self-criticism

Self-sabotage and self-criticism are tendencies to sabotage our own goals and objectives, through unconscious manipulations that put us in stagnant positions. 

Self-sabotage is evident in attitudes such as procrastination and the cultivation of habits that are harmful to ourselves, and self-criticism is revealed in an attitude of judgment towards our abilities and ways of being. 

Expressions like: “I can’t”, “I’m not capable”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I don’t have the capabilities” or judgments like: “I’m clumsy”, “I’m weak” are part of internal dialogues that keep you spinning in the loop of self-sabotage and self-criticism, weakening your self-esteem. 

Accept your imperfections and your struggles

Part of loving yourself is recognizing that we are imperfect, and that’s okay! The idea of ​​perfection keeps us anchored in feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Accepting ourselves as we are, including our defects, allows us to transcend them or at least helps us not to become a form of self-sabotage. 

Those who value their struggles and are capable of embracing their imperfections have a deeper and less idealized relationship with themselves , and in this way it is easier to work in their best version. 

Practice gratitude towards yourself

Gratitude towards oneself is the ability to feel grateful for what we are, do and live. Appreciating everything that makes you who you are is one of the most beautiful ways to give yourself love. 

Think about how you are constantly thanking others, and rarely do you take the time to thank yourself for what you give yourself, for your strength, for your will, for your body, even for your mistakes. 

At the end of the day, the person you spend the most time with is yourself and being grateful for all that you do for yourself is the best way to reconcile with your self-love. 

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Find healthy ways to take care of yourself

Wanting a good self-esteem implies developing forms of self-care that allow you to enhance your love for yourself. You can focus your self-care practices from 3 levels:

Take care of your body:

The body is our vehicle and it needs to be healthy, for this you can learn to eat healthier, be physically active, have good sleep habits and stay hydrated. 

Take care of your emotions: 

Our emotions tell us many things about ourselves and our needs, some of the things you can do to take care of them are: Get away from toxic places or situations, learn from yourself, express your desires and needs, share quality time with your loved ones and evaluate your emotional state periodically.


Take care of your mind: 

Your thoughts shape your reality and directly influence your emotions, which is why it is necessary to take care of your mind. You can do it by developing a positive mental dialogue, addressing any symptoms of stress, anxiety or anguish, learning new things for your personal growth, and constantly evaluating your mental state.

In general terms, mental health is born from the balance between body, mind and emotions , which is why you need to work on these three aspects in an integral way so that you can have a good self-esteem. 

Surround yourself with people who support you and value you.

The people we surround ourselves with are fundamental to cultivating our self-love. If you surround yourself with selfish people, you will most likely begin to be selfish, on the contrary, if you surround yourself with positive people, it is likely that you will begin to see life in a more positive way. 

Self-esteem problems are often influenced by the relationship we have with others. If you move in environments where you feel judged or not validated, it is likely that you begin to doubt yourself and fall into dynamics of lack of self-esteem.

Forgive yourself and let go of the past.

Some of the strategies that can be used

Forgiveness will always be a liberating experience that brings you closer to love for yourself and for others. Resentment is one of the emotions that slows down the human being the most, considering that it involves him in a vicious circle of victimization.

For this reason, it is essential that you forgive yourself, others and let go of the past, so that you can appreciate the gift that is the present and the potential it has to create everything you want to experience, instead of carry pains for situations that are no longer in your life. 

ser feliz

Create a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled

Discovering that you can create the life you want is the best discovery you can have if you want to love yourself. We are not talking about magic, but about concrete facts.

You build a happy life when you decide to have healthier habits or when you take actions that lead you to build your goals. To create a happy life, you must first ask yourself what makes you happy, and then develop strategies that allow you to achieve this state in different ways. 

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