RTVE, with mental health



RTVE, Fundación Blanca and Renfe prepare a documentary on mental health in sport

Coinciding with the celebration of World Mental Health Day this October 10,  RTVE , the  Fundación Blanca de Apoyo al Deportista  and  Renfe  have announced the production of a documentary that will soon be released by the Teledeporte channel on the importance of mental health care of the athletes.  The documentary, of which the first images have been shown today, aims to learn from renowned  athletes  personal episodes related to mental state during a sports career and the different solutions developed to solve delicate moments. This is the case of  Ruth Beitia, Carla Suárez, Regino Hernández, Amaya Valdemoro, Sara Hurtado, Edurne Pasabán, Sandra Sánchez, María Corbera, Pedro García Aguado and the Fernández-Ochoa family . These experiences are completed with extraordinary contributions regarding the importance of mental control in high sports performance by professionals such as  Carlos Sainz, Toni Nadal, Toñi Martos, Jesús del Moral, Juan Antonio Corbalán, Alfonso Reyes and Sagrario Aguado. Through the documentary, it is about projecting the importance of mental health care, the greater knowledge of the different causes that cause mental disorders, the importance of going to professional assistance services in this matter and the support of the environment as a base. of optimal recovery. After the formalization of the collaboration between the three parties,  Arsenio Cañada , RTVE Sports Director, stressed that “RTVE had no doubts when it came to joining the project.” “Mental health for people is fundamental. Athletes have physios, nutritionists and doctors of all kinds. Now, little by little, the taboo is being broken and they are beginning to have mental health specialists. It is essential that any high-level athlete is accompanied by mental health specialists in their training, he has remarked. Renfe’s Director of Communication and Brand,  Manuel Sempere, has highlighted that Renfe is a company that provides an essential public service in Cercanías and Media Distancia trains, and with the link to this project it intends to expand this public service to something as essential as mental health. “In addition, the protagonists of this documentary convey in first person the need to preserve mental health and support people who suffer from any type of disorder. All of them have been high-level athletes. And Renfe is embarking on an additional project through which it is configured as the Spanish Sports Train, something that no other company in the sector can offer to society”, he pointed out. “On Mental Health Day we seek to guarantee a healthy life and promote the mental well-being of all our professionals. That’s why, For her part,  Lola Fernández-Ochoa , president of the Blanca Foundation and sister of Blanca Fernández-Ochoa, has pointed out that “visibility, understanding and the necessary treatment of episodes related to mental health are essential steps to solve a career sports and even lives. And that is one of the main objectives of the Blanca Foundation, to provide support to athletes from the beginning of their career until their reconnection with the following chapters of their lives”. Lola Fernandez-Ochoa is also participating these days in a  suicide prevention campaign  launched by RTVE. Together with the mountaineer Edurne Pasaban and the actor Javi Martín, these three people who have experienced suicidal behavior up close encourage people to speak up and ask for help from others or on the 024 hotline.