The importance of communication in the parent-child relationship

comunicacion padres e hijos

Communication between parents and children is a fundamental issue, not only to have a better coexistence, but also to contribute to the comprehensive development of children and young people , and to have a calmer maternity and paternity experience. 

Communication is the basis of society, and therefore, it is one of the pillars of the family and of any interpersonal relationship. The development of the world was catapulted when two people communicated, and that is why parent-child communication becomes the communication model that people replicate in their daily lives. 

Taking into account the importance of good communication for the development of children and adolescent children, we are going to talk about what parent-child communication means and how to improve it.

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Communication: The Key to a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

Any interpersonal relationship is based on communication as a meeting point , even more so in the relationship between parents and children, which is where values ​​and habits are learned that are transferred to other areas of life such as school, work and interactions. social in general. 

Good communication is the key to a relationship between parents and children, taking into account that through assertive communication we can better express and understand our desires and needs, and those of others. 

Through language people understand the world, structure their thinking models and relate to others . For this reason, good communication patterns at home not only improve relationships between family members, but also create adequate patterns of expression, conflict resolution, emotion management, and enhance cognitive development, self-esteem, and the self-perceptions of young children and young people. 


How to improve communication at home

Lack of communication at home can trigger multiple conflicts and affect not only coexistence, but also the mental health of different family members. All this is based on the fact that if there is not a good communication climate it is more complex to reach agreements or understand the needs, problems and situations that may affect children, adolescents and parents. 

That is why we will give you some guidelines to improve communication at home: 

  • Assertive communication: Developing assertive communication guidelines is essential to strengthen the relationship between parents and children, through spaces in which people feel confident to express their thoughts and emotions within a framework of respect. 
  • Spaces for dialogue: Providing spaces for dialogue will help you improve your relationship with your children. By this we mean that you not only talk to them to correct them, but that they can take time with their family to talk about their day to day, about the things they enjoy, about what they think of life. This will help strengthen communication in the family. 
  • Allow all people to express themselves: There are parents who create dictatorial relationships in which only they can speak. It is essential that all family members have the same opportunities to say what they think and feel, no matter how old they are, this will generate greater trust both within the family nucleus and on a personal level. 

If you dare to put these tips into practice, you will notice how communication between parents and children will be strengthened. 

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Why open communication is essential in the parent-child relationship

Open communication is the ability to express oneself freely regardless of the topic that is being discussed. For this, it is essential to call things by their name, avoid evasions or camouflage what is really meant. There also needs to be the availability and willingness to talk about difficult issues. 

Open communication is the most direct way to avoid misunderstandings, and to strengthen the idea that different things can be solved through dialogue, look for alternatives and learn that each situation can be approached from different points of view. 

How to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the parent-child relationship through communication

In all relationships there are differences, regardless of whether we are talking about partner relationships, family relationships or interpersonal relationships in general. To avoid this type of situation, it is important to recognize that communication is the best way to solve any challenge that may arise along the way. 

In the case of parents and children, it is necessary to use their own experiences only to extract the positive, but it is essential not to use the experience to consolidate prejudices or to continue repeating patterns from your childhood, which may not be the most appropriate path, even if it is. they educated you 

It is also important to recognize that our children are different and value their particularities. In addition to understanding that they are in a different stage of life than yours, in order not to require a child or adolescent to behave or think like an adult. 

In addition, speaking truthfully and taking the time to talk about those things that generate conflicts is necessary to be able to understand the arguments of each one of the parties, so that an agreement satisfactory to all can be reached. 

comunicacion padres hijos

The importance of active listening in the parent-child relationship

Active listening is the essential component for understanding, when we fully listen to others we can more easily understand what they think and feel. 

Regarding parent-child communication, it is essential to develop active listening, in order to have healthy communication. A good example of how to do it would be to create conversation spaces in which there are moderators. That is, they can meet as a family to talk and each of the members of the family circle will have a space in which they can express themselves without being interrupted. After he finishes presenting his ideas, the others can ask questions.

This simple exercise can help children and adolescents understand the concept of active listening and begin to apply it. 

How to build trust and respect in the parent-child relationship through communication

One of the things that parents should avoid is closing the channels of communication, using language in an aggressive or dictatorial way. It is necessary to create environments where children feel confident, so that we can be closer to them and help them when necessary. 

Here are some ideas to improve communication with your children and strengthen respect and trust: 

Nonverbal communication in the parent-child relationship

Assertive communication also means understanding that not only words convey a message. Nonverbal language also speaks and can contradict even what is being said with words. 

For example, if your child is telling you something important and you are looking at your cell phone or engaged in other activities, he will subconsciously understand that you are not paying attention. Likewise, saying to be calm while clenching your fists or looking defiantly can send a mixed message. 

If the case of your child is that it is difficult for him to hold his gaze, you can help him through the example, looking at his face while you talk to him. 

Similarly, certain gestures can reinforce communication, such as nodding your head while your child is talking, this gives him the message that he is being understood. 

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How effective communication can help children develop their self-esteem

Effective communication will not only improve coexistence within the home, but it is also very beneficial for your children’s self-esteem, taking into account that it will make them feel respected and valued, it will also teach them that their ideas and emotions are important, which without doubt will strengthen the way they see themselves. 

How communication can help parents guide their children in decision making

Another important aspect of good communication is that, through it, children and adolescents will learn more assertive ways to relate to their thoughts and emotions . It also gives them the possibility of discovering that a single thing can be approached from different points, which is essential when evaluating which decision to make, having many more options to decide. In the same way, through good communication, parents can help their children to act from reflection and not from impulse. 

How communication in the parent-child relationship can help prepare children for the adult world

Communication is the central axis of human relations, which is why developing good communication patterns in childhood and adolescence is preparing a person to be competent in different areas of their life. 

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